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All tickets for Swire Symphony Under The Stars have already been distributed!

If you have successfully registered for tickets, please read the following "reminder", and remember to bring your own mat to enjoy the magical evening!
We invite all others to join the live relay at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre piazza and share the joy of classical music together for free!

  1. (1)One ticket with QR code only allows ONE ENTRY PER SCAN, regardless of age. Duplicated tickets will not be accepted.
  2. (2)Please show the QR code on your smartphone or print out the ticket with QR code to enter.
  3. (3)Do not fold or draw across the QR code.
    Non-readable QR code will prevent your admission to the event.
  4. (4)In case of bad weather, HK Phil will announce postponement at 4pm via the website and HK Phil Facebook page. The event will be postponed to the next day, same time and same venue.
  5. (5)The event organiser reserves the right to add, withdraw, or replace artists and/or change advertised programmes, seating arrangement and audience capacity.
  6. (6)Some areas may have restricted sightlines.
  7. (7)There will be no food and beverages service available at the venue. Please bring your own food and drinks.
  8. (8)To help protect the environment, no mats will be distributed. Please bring your own mat to enjoy this magical evening.
  9. (9)Parking spaces are not available at the venue. You are recommended to use public transport (e.g. MTR, Ferry, etc.).
The following items may not be brought into the Venue:
  • Dangerous or hazardous materials (e.g. fireworks, smoke or gas canisters, explosives)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Any illegal drugs or substance
  • Pets or other animals, except approved service animals (e.g. dogs)
  • Amplifiers
  • Other items that we determine may be harmful, disruptive, offensive or may impede the concert or any associated facilities
The following activities are not allowed:
  • Fire making or cooking
  • The use of remote-controlled flying
  • Photography, videotaping, recording of any kind except for personal use
  • The sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale
  • The distribution of printed or recorded materials of any kind
  • Unauthorized events or the usage of any flag, banner or sign, or to incite a crowd, and other unauthorized public gatherings
  • Engaging in any unsafe act or other act that may impede the operation of the Park or any associated facility

The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to the Event or to eject anyone found to be in possession of any such item(s).

Please do not purchase tickets from touts!

All Swire Symphony Under The Stars tickets are free of charge. The HK Phil does not and will not authorize the sale of Swire Symphony Under The Stars tickets through non-official channels. The HK Phil registration website ( is the ONLY channel through which tickets to Swire Symphony Under The Stars can be obtained.

All Swire Symphony Under The Stars tickets are printed with an unique QR code and an unique ticket number. Any person​ presenting any replicated QR codes or unofficial QR codes will be denied entry. Unofficial re-sellers may replicate or reproduce invalid tickets. Members of the public are advised against purchasing tickets through unofficial channels.

Swire Symphony Under The Stars concert is intended to share the joy of classical music with the public, promoting classical orchestral music to the wider public. Ticket touts are exploiting the wider public of their right to enjoy music for free.

HK Phil hereby condemns all ticket resellers and touts, and will consider taking legal action against the touts. Please do not encourage ticketing touts.

11 Nov 2017 SAT 7:30PM
(Gates open at 5:30PM)
CHAN Kai-Young
Climbing to the Light(HK Phil Commission)
Grande Polonaise brillante(Johnson Li, piano)
Carmen Fantasy(Paloma So, violin)
Festive Overture
The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon
Radetzky March
and more!
YU LONGconductor
HARRY WONGpresenter